Bosch Gooseneck microphone

Bosch Gooseneck microphone

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Gooseneck microphone LBB1949/00

  • Unidirectional condenser microphone
  • Flexible stem
  • Phantom powered by amplifier
  • On/off sliding switch with priority contact
  • Supplied with fixed 2 m (78 in) cable and lockable DIN connector

The gooseneck microphone is a stylish high quality unidirectional condenser microphone, mainly intended for public address applications.


The flexible stem base has a screw fitting, and the microphone comes with a multi-thread adaptor (3/8″, 1/2″, and 5/8″) for mounting onto floor-stands, lecterns, panels or desktops. The microphone runs off the phantom power supply from the amplifier to which
it is connected.
The on-off sliding switch, not only switches on the microphone, but also provides priority contacts for remote control switching purposes. If the priority contacts are not required, the microphone can be connected to amplifiers with 3‑pin XLR-inputs, using
the DIN to XLR adapter. Certifications and approva

Parts included

Quantity             Component

1                           LBB 1949/00 Gooseneck condenser microphone
1                           DIN to XLR adapter

Technical specifications


Phantom power supply
Voltage range                        12 to 48 V
Current consumption       <8 mA


Sensitivity                                              0.7 mV @ 85 dB SPL (2 mV/Pa)
Maximum input sound level        110 dB SPL
Distortion                                             <0.6% (maximum input)                                                                                                                  Equivalent input noise level         28 dBA SPL (S/N 66 dBA ref. 1 Pa)
Frequency response                         100 Hz to 16 kHz
Output Impedance                            < 200 ohm
* Technical performance data acc. to IEC 60268-4


Dimensions (D x L) 30 x 500 mm (19.69 x 1.18 in)
Weight Approx. 300 g (10.5 oz)
Color Dark gray
Cable length 2 m (78 in)
Connector 5‑pin DIN 180° (lockable)


Operating temperature                                    -10 °C to +55 °C (+14 °F to +131 °F)
Storage and transport temperature          -40 °C to +70 °C (-40 °F to +158 °F)
Relative humidity                                               <95%

Ordering information

Gooseneck microphone
Gooseneck condenser microphone, unidirectional non-reflective dark gray finish, flexible stem, on/off switch with priority contact, fixed 2 m (78 in) cable with 5 pin DIN 180 degrees (lockable) connector. DIN to XLR adapter standard supplied.
Order number LBB1949/00
Microphone extension cable, XLR, 10m
Microphone connection/extension cable, 3‑pin XLR,
10 m (32.8 ft).

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