Krystal SPK-EDGE-4.0-2-ATC

Krystal SPK-EDGE-4.0-2-ATC

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Krystal SPK-EDGE-4.0-2-ATC

Part No : SPK-EDGE-4.0-2-ATC

Vasiform Series Installation Speaker Cable – 4.0 Sqmm (128/0.20mm) x 2 core cable ATC copper conductor PVC insulated, core twisted, outer jacketed with Vasiform Type PVC Sheath.



4 X 2 Core Vasiform Installation Speaker Cable



  • 4.0 sqmm x 2 core Cable is our Installation range of Speaker Cables.

  • These Vasiform Series Installation Speaker Cables are specifically designed to deliver maximum performance without taking much space in conduit.

  • They offer true audiophile performance for accurate sound transmission with crystal clear response, yet posses a rugged design to cater to most demanding applications.


  • Each conductor is dipped in a tinned bath to make the ATC conductors and is bunched tightly to give the best performance.

  • Twisted cores help in rejecting crosstalk.

  • Cable Ruggedness & toughness helps the cable to be pulled in long runs of conduits.


  • Installation of Speaker signals in Auditoriums, Schools, Shopping Malls etc.


  • 100 Meters Coil
  • 300 Meters Coil

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Part No SPK-EDGE-4.0-2-ATC
No of Conductors 2

Conductor – No/ Size of Wire

Conductor – Cross Sectional Area
4.0 Sqmm

Insulation Type

Insulation Dia.
4.20 mm

Core Colours
Blue and White

Sheath Type
Vasiform PVC

Overall OD
10.4 mm

100 mtr coils (Heat Shrink Transparent Film)

Weight per coil
14.500 Kg.

Master Packing
1 Coils in a Carton box

Electrical and Mechanical Characteristics

DC resistance @20 °C – Conductor 5.09 Ω / Km

Operating Voltage
600 v

Inductance – (1kHz at 20 °C)
0.7 μH/m

Capacitance – (1kHz at 20 °C)

Voltage Breakdown
Must withstand DC 500V / 15 sec

Insulation resistance
10000 M x m Min. at DC 125V, 20 °C

Operating Temperature
-20⁰ C to 70⁰ C

Dielectric Strength
2 (KV/1 Min.) DC

Flex Life
4000 cycles

Dielectric Constant


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