Studiomaster BR 28 Wireless Microphone

Studiomaster BR 28 Wireless Microphone

6,490.00 Price excluding tax

BR 28/BL 28

  • UHF Band frequency by PLL-Synthesis Technology
  • Double noise squelching circuit to ensure excellent sound quality
  • Highly efficient & Low Energy consumption design
  • 8 Selectable UHF Channels
  • LED for Channel information Display


Studiomaster BR 28 Wireless Microphone

The Studiomaster Professional BR 28/BL 28 is a Lapel Wireless Microphone System with 8 Selectable UHF Channels. The selectable 8 UHF channels ensure flawless and non-interfering performance, along with an exceptionally clear microphone making the Studiomaster BR 28 Wireless Microphone a great value proposition.


                 MODEL                                                   BR 28/BL 28
                 Receiver                                            Single Channel Diversity
         Frequency Response
                                                   50Hz – 15 KHz
      Polar Pattern (Lapel mic)
                                Balanced XLR/ Unbalanced ¼” Jack
      Power Req.   (Lapel mic)
                                                     2 x 1.5V AA
                     240V AC 50Hz for AC Adaptor Supplied with the set


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