LCZ-UM06-IN Compact ceiling speaker

LCZ-UM06-IN Compact ceiling speaker

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LCZ-UM06-IN Compact ceiling speaker, 6W, metal

The LCZ-UM06-IN is a general purpose, 6 W, compact ceiling loudspeaker , suitable for speech as well as music reproduction, preferred in places where there is a space constraint.

System overview

The ceiling loudspeaker is compact in design, integrated with a metal grille and baffle, finished with an attractive signal-white color. The loudspeaker has good sensitivity and a wide frequency range, which makes it suitable for speech and music reproduction. It has an in-built line matching transformer, which supports a 100 V line output from the amplifier. The transformer has 3- tappings – full power, half power and quarter power, which helps the user to select the desired output levels based on their customized requirements.
The loudspeaker is equipped with an spring mounting mechanism, which helps in quick installation of the speaker on the ceiling.


Dimensions (DxH) 105 mm x 90 mm
Weight 580 g
Color Signal-white (RAL 9003)
Operating temperature -5 °C to +55 °C
Storage Temperature -40 °C to +70 °C
Relative humidity 95%
Rated power 6 W
Input Voltage 100 V
SPL (at 6 W/1 W, 1 kHz) 92/8dB
Effective frequency range (-10 dB) 100 Hz to 20 kHz
Opening angle at 1kHz/4kHz (-6 dB) 180°/130°
Rated Voltage 100 V
Rated impedance 1667 Ohm
   Connector 4-pole screw connector


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