Bosch LBD8351/10 4W Compact Ceiling Loudspeaker

Bosch LBD8351/10 4W Compact Ceiling Loudspeaker

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The Bosch LBD8351/10 is an economic flush-mounting ceiling loudspeaker for general purpose applications. It is a full range loudspeaker for speech and music reproduction in shops, department stores, schools,
offices, sports halls, hotels and restaurants.

  • Suitable for speech and music reproduction.
  • Flush-mounting in ceiling cavity.
  • Easy to install.
  • Simple power setting.
  • Unobtrusive in virtually all interiors.


Bosch LBD8351/10 4W Compact Ceiling Loudspeaker

System overview

The Bosch LBD8351/10 4W Compact Ceiling Loudspeaker has a single-piece, 4 W loudspeaker. A 100 V matching transformer is mounted behind the front panel assembly. The molded plastic front panel is mounted onto the loudspeaker’s metal frame, and a dust cover protects the rear. The appearance and colour are unobtrusive in any interior.
Installation is both quick and easy, as the units have two built-in spring-loaded locking clamps that secure them into holes in the ceiling.


Brand BOSCH View all BOSCH Products Modeal No: LBD8351/10 Type Bosch 4W Compact Ceiling Loudspeaker View all Plena Microphone Products Electrical Maximum Power 6W Rated Power 4W Sound Pressure level at 6 W / 1 W ( 1 KHz at 1m) 95.0 dB / 87.2 dB (SPL) Effective frequency range (-10 dB) 150 Hz – 12 KHz Opening Angle at 1 KHz / 4 KHz (-6 dB) 180° / 95° Rated Voltage 100 V Rated impedance 2500 ohm Mechanical Diameter 165 mm Maximum depth 65 mm Weight 500 g Environmental Operating temperature -25 ÂșC to +55 ÂșC Storage temperature -40 ÂșC to +70 ÂșC Warranty: 1 year

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