DSPPA DSP5011 6.5 Inch 6W Frameless Ceiling Speaker

DSPPA DSP5011 6.5 Inch 6W Frameless Ceiling Speaker

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Model No. DSP5011 Ceiling Speaker

● 6.5-inch Frameless
● Aluminum Grille
● 70/100V, Rated Power:6W
● Max. SPL:98±2dB
● Freq. Resp.:140Hz – 18kHz
● Sensitivity 93±2dB
● Cutout size:Ø165-170mm
● In-ceiling quick installation by the spring clip



DSP5011 Frameless Ceiling Speaker

DSP5011 Frameless Ceiling Speaker adopts the fashionable thin-edge plane big cylinder and the carbon alloy aluminum mesh design with the RAL white coating so as to integrate with any indoor place perfectly. Equipped with a 6.5” full-range designed loudspeaker with a magnetic circuit encapsulated with a unique engineering plastic process, the drum paper formed with tripping and hot pressing of algae-salved organisms, for the purpose of super-strong reproduction of voice and music. It can bear the double rated powers within a short period, to ensure the loudspeaker’s high reliability under extreme conditions, prolong the service life, and reduce the possibility of fault or degradation of performance to a great extent.

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Loudspeaker 6.5”*1
Effective frequency range (140~18k) Hz
Rated power(100V line) 6W
Maximum power 10W
Terminal 100V line:10W* ,6W
70V line:6W,3W
Maximum sound pressure level 98dB±2dB
Characteristic sensitivity (1m/1w) 93dB±2dB
Storage temperature -25℃~+55℃
Outline dimension 185mm*69mm
Weight 0.75Kg

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