DSP6011 6.5 Inch Frameless Ceiling Speaker

DSP6011 6.5 Inch Frameless Ceiling Speaker

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Model No. DSP6011 Ceiling Speaker

  • It is made of high-quality antiUV engineering plastic, longterm durability, and is fashionable;
  • The fence structure can avoid damaging speaker from roaches, rats, etc.;
  • Long life, sounds clear and sonorousness;
  • Different input voltages (70V/100V) can be chosen for different public address wires;
  • Frequency response 90Hz  20kHz, maximum SPL. 103±2dB,High sensitivity 95±2dB, distortion<1.5%;
  • Weight 0.9kg, equipped with clamps for installation


DSP6011 Frameless Ceiling Speaker

The DSP6011 Frameless Ceiling Speaker is a surface mount ceiling speaker with a 70v/100v transformer built in. The 70v/100v transmission is realized in a highvoltage, lowcurrent mode, which makes longer distance transmission and parallel connection of multiple loudspeakers possible.
It’s easy to insta
ll with a strong clip, and made of highquality engineering plastic, which is durable, nondeformable, and nonfading. It is an ideal choice for these places, such as schools, gymnasiums, square halls, parks, parking lots, railway stations, airports, villa communities, mall supermarkets, etc.

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Mode DSP6011
Frequency Range (10 dB) 90Hz20,000Hz
Sensitivity 95dB±2dB
Max SPL 103dB±2dB
Input Voltage 70V/100V optional
Dimension φ185mm×74mm
Weight 0.9kg


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