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  • Inbuilt Bluetooth for audio streaming
  • Supports audio playback from USB pen drive
  • 4 microphone/line inputs, plus music source input
  • Insert feature to use as a pre/power amplifier
  • Optional 2‑tone chime generation for input 1

BOSCH PLE-1ME120-3IN Mixer Amplifier 120W USB/BLUETOOTH

The range consists of three mixer amplifiers, which are available in 60, 120, and 240 W. The mixer amplifiers are equipped with an inbuilt music source, which can provide hours of uninterrupted music either through Bluetooth streaming or USB pen drive. They are supplied with an IR remote control for controlling the music source.
The units feature four mic/line inputs, 1 BGM and operate in a single zone. To ensure optimum performance, there are no moving parts, such as hard drives that can fail or wear out. The units have a limiter circuit and provide an audio insert feature to use as a pre/power amplifier. The VU meter gives an output level indication.



The BOSCH PLE-1ME120-3IN Mixer Amplifier120WUSB/BLUETOOTH come in 240 W output power. This power is directly available on 100 V constant voltage connections and on a low impedance connection for a 4-ohm load. Moreover, the amplifiers have a separate 100 V call-only output channel for addressing areas where only priority announcements are required. The call-only output can also be used for 3-wire remote volume control override.


All mic/line inputs can be switched between microphone level and line level sensitivity.
The inputs are balanced, but can be used as unbalanced inputs.
Phantom power can be switched-on to provide power to condenser microphones.

Input channel 1 can take priority over all other

microphone, AUX & music inputs:
• Input 1 can be activated by contact closure on the PTT (push to talk). A 2-tone chime can be configured to precede an announcement.

Music source and AUX input

The unit has an internal music source and AUX input option. The internal music source plays audio files from an USB pen drive (with a capacity of up to 32GB) or streamed through Bluetooth.
The player will automatically search and play all playable audio tracks from the USB pen drive and has repeat/random/all modes.
The following formats are supported: MP3 and WAV files with bit rates from 32 kbit/s.

Personalized settings

Another useful feature is to indicate preferred settings on the front panel by inserting colored pins at the preset levels of all knobs. One user can make use of silver pins to set the controls as per his convenience.
A second user can make use of red pins to set the controls for his particular use.

Output status

An LED VU meter provides output indication. A headphone socket (6.3 mm), below the VU meter, provides the mixer output. For total reliability and ease of use, a limiter is integrated into the output stage to restrict output if the user applies excess signal


Brand                                                              Bosch

Voltage PLE-1MExxx-3IN 220-230 V, AC, 50 Hz / 60 W, 120 W, 240 W (reduced power at lower mains)
Inrush current PLE‑1ME120‑3IN 36 A
Frequency response 80 Hz to 18 kHz (+1/‑3 dB @‑10 dB ref. rated output)
Distortion <1% @ rated output power, 1 kHz
Bass Control Max. ± 8 dB
Treble Control Max. ± 8 dB
AUX input
Connector Cinch, stereo converted to mono
Sensitivity 200 mV to 300 mV
Impedance 22 kohm
S/N (flat at max. volume) ≥70 dB
Headroom >25 dB
Insert 1 x
Connector RCA Cinch
Sensitivity 1 V
Impedance >10 kohm
Loudspeaker output 100 V 180 W / 120 W
Connector Screw terminal, floating






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