Ahuja AMH 402T Speakers | 40 Watts

Ahuja AMH 402T Speakers | 40 Watts

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Ahuja AMH 402T Speakers | 40 Watts


Ahuja AMH 402T Speakers, a 2-way high efficiency, high fidelity PA Music Horn. It uses a 15.24 cm (6”) Kevlar cone woofer and a 2.54 cm (1”) phenolic dome tweeter. Thus it combines the high efficiency of a horn with the wide frequency response obtained by using a 2-way woofer tweeter combination. Housed in a beautifully designed UV-protected ABS plastic housing, the music horn is weather protected which makes it ideal for outdoor as well as indoor applications.

  • The unique concept used to create a well-engineered 2-way PA Music Horn with high efficiency, long throw, and wide frequency response.
  • The sound quality of exceptional richness, clarity, and fidelity. Ideal for music as well as announcements.
  • Rugged & sturdy construction with an aesthetically superior finish. UV-protected ABS plastic housing.
  • Comprises a highly efficient 15.24 cm (6”) Kevlar cone LF driver and a 2.54 cm (1”) HF driver for wider frequency response and higher SPL.
  • Easy power tap selection on a terminal strip with a 2-core cable.
  • Strong mounting bracket for rigid mounting.
  • Ideal for both Indoor and Outdoor applications: Railway Stations… Educational Institutions… Religious Places… Stadiums… Amusement Parks…Factories… Cruise Liners… etc.


Input Power 40W RMS
Power Taps 40/20/10/5W
Impedance 250/500/1k/2kΩ
Frequency Response 120-16,000Hz
SPL at 1kHz 98dB/1W/1m; 114dB/40W/1m
Dimensions W370 × H255 × D300 mm
Weight 5.90kg
Material ABS (UV Protected)

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